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Pakning af Airshells

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Frequently asked questions


Question about flightnumber:

I don´t have my flight number with me when making my Airshells booking?


The Airshells booking process will allow you to continue with the booking entering 2 x ?? in the space for the flightnumber,  however we strongly recommend that you complete all the booking details requested as this will ensure your booking is managed professionally across our network of airports.


Question about meeting time at the airport:

What time should i arrive at the airport to collect my booked Airshells?


It is recommended that you collect the booked Airshells at least 2 hours prior to your departure or as recommended by the airline you are travelling with.


Question about oneway booking:

Can i make a one way booking?


Yes you can selecting that option in the start of the booking process.



Denmark: København – Billund – Aalborg – Aarhus – Karup – Odense. 

Finland: Helsinki Vantaa

France: Paris Charles de Gaulle - Toulouse – Orly

Germany: Hamburg 

Malta: Malta

Norway: Oslo Gardermoen – Sandefjord – Stavanger – Alta – Kirkenes

Spain: Madrid – Barcelona – Malaga – Murcia – Palma de Mallorca – Menorca – Almería Tenerife South/North – Gran Canaria – Lanzarote – Fuerteventura –La Palma - Jerez -Granada - Ibiza - Santiago De Compostela- Valencia Seville  

Sweden: Malmö – Göteborg Landvetter – Växjö – Kalmar – Jönköping – Halmstad – Karlstad – Norrköping – Örebro – Borlänge – Stockholm Arlanda – Umeå – Luleå - Visby - Ronneby - Are/Östersund - Kiruna - 




Question about the weight of Airshells products:

What is the weight of the Airshells products?


All our Airshells models have different weights which range from 1 kg to 4,5 kg for pram, stroller, wheelchair and car seats models.


Question about lost/mishandled Airshells product:

What happens if my booked Airshells is lost / mishandled by the airline i travel with?


At all times you are deemed to be an airline passenger and the airline has the obligations to ensure your baggage is delivered to you at your destination or home.

Should the airline mishandle your baggage then the normal airline procedures shall be used to repatriate your baggage.


Question about damaged belongings:

What happens if my baggage is damaged while being in the Airshells product?


Your airline policy in relation to damaged baggage shall apply in all circumstances and Airshells is not responsible for any such claims.


Question about help during the rental period:

If i need help with my booked Airshells product at any stage during my rental period who do i contact?


Please contact Airshells via our online contact system or call relevant country assistance  numbers. These numbers can be found by opening our website or on your booking confirmation e-mail sent to you from Airshells.


Question about collection of the booked Airshells product:

Where do i collect my booked Airshells product?


You will collect the booked Airshells product at the airport you are travelling from at our predesignated collection points prior to joining the check-in queues.

The collection points will be stated in the booking confirmation e-mail. It is advisable that you print this e-mail out before leaving home and bring it with you to the airport.


Question about delivery of the booked Airshells product:

Where do i deliver the booked Airshells product upon return?


You can deliver the Booked Airshells product at our predesignated delivery points which is stated at your confirmation e-mail recieved after the booking is done.



Question about renting an Airshells product directly in the airport:

Can I rent an Airshells product at the airport?


At most airports where Airshells is present you will be able to rent an Airshells product on a Adhoc basis, however some airports do not have this solution.

Contact Airshells to find out if the airport you are travelling from has this service available.


Question about missing the delivery time for the Airshells product:

What will happen if for some reason i forget to deliver the booked Airshells product back upon return from vacation / journey?


Airshells will then contact you in order to find out what has happened.

If the booked Airshells product is lost you might recieve an´invoice for the lost product.

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